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Toledo's steel is a variety of steel that was very popular in the times of the Spanish Empire for the manufacture of weapons of war, especially swords. The manufacture of swords dates back to Roman times, but it was under Arab domination and during the Reconquest when Toledo and its guilds of espaderos played a fundamental role.

Toledo's steel was the result of an alloy of iron and steel, for which the steel was of uniform distribution. This alloy was more flexible than others, which made it more resistant and manageable.

The swords made in Toledo consist of the blade and the grip. The term sheath designates the cover of the blade of the sword, where it rests when not in use.

Leaf - Three types of attacks can be done with the blade: punching, cutting and tearing.

Handle - Handle comprises the entire part of the blade that allows the control and handling of the blade and consists of the handle, the knob and a simple or elaborate guard.

Sheath - The sheath is the protective cover on which the sword rests.

After its manufacture the weapons underwent five tests of resistance and flexibility. One was "the knee," which consisted in bending the sword on a fixed support (often the knee) from the spike to the point, proving that it was not resisted by most other swords. The lead test consisted in taking the blade by the spike with the right hand and drawing with the tip a semicircle on a lead plate fixed to the wall and that said line of the semicircle was as wide as the part of the sword itself. The S-test consisted in proving the equality of the temper of the sword. The fourth test consisted of three strong stab wounds on a fixed and filled iron helmet and in the fifth test was examined on a pad if with the three previous blows the blade had some damage.

Toledo is engaged in the mass-production of decorative replicas of historical and fantasy swords and daggers such as those used in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Immortals, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart or Gladiator; As well as gala sabers for the armed forces of various nations.

In 2009 Toledo obtained the seal of denomination of origin "Made in Toledo" for its products of craftsmanship.

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