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Bisagra Gate is considered the most important of the city, both for its location and its dimensions.

Located in the city walls of Toledo, it is of Moslem origin, of the time it conserves rest in the second interior body. Its name derives from the Arabic word Bab-Shagra, that means "Sagra Gate". It was completely rebuilt under the reigns of Charles V and Philip II.

It is constituted by two independent bodies with two high ones, that form a yard inside them, where there is a statue of Carlos V. The outer side is formed by a arch of half point with blocks cushioned, on which is found a great shield of the "Imperial City", with its unmistakable two-headed eagle, as well as a front with a sculpture of a guardian angel.

Flank this entrance of the two large circular towers.
The body that faces the city has another arched doorway of the middle point, flanked by two square towers topped by pyramidal fabrics.

It is not the last door that flanking to reach the city center, so it is at the bottom of the street with smaller ones, such as the Sun Gate and the Christ of the Lights Gate, this last next to the mosque of the same name

From the terrace of our hotel you can enjoy incredible views of the gate's towers. At night is fully lit, is really spectacular. You can have a drink on our terrace while enjoying the view.

Our hotel is located just 200 meters away from Bisagra Gate, where you can walk along the road enjoying the beauty of Toledo.