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The advantages of a Bed & Breakfast hotel

The Bed & Breakfast or in its abbreviated form B & B, is a hotel establishment that offers moderate prices.
The English expression, is translated as 'bed and breakfast'.

The Bed & Breakfast hotels offer a cozy and friendly atmosphere that can not be equaled to traditional hotels, guests are treated very closely.

They are small and simple hotels where it is characterized by a familiar and homelike atmosphere , with a different perspective to the guests that will have all the information of the city with a good chat with the hotel staff, places to visit, where to eat, routes and everything more than the city offers.

The concept of B & B was born in Europe, but in the 1960s it was introduced in the United States and is now known throughout the world.

This type of accommodation is usually frequented by tourists who want to travel economically and stay a short time in one place and for people who do not make a matter of luxury and ostentation. The rooms are comfortable, with bathrooms, television, wifi and everything you need to enjoy your trip, breakfasts are usually complete, but these establishments do not offer meals.

An essential element is the interaction between guests and owners.

Interactivity is the constant presence of the owner, chatting with guests and those interested in the experience of people on their trips.

At Bed & Breakfast you arrive as a guest and you go out as a friend.