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College of Noble Maidens of Toledo, a very special place

The College of Noble Maidens of Toledo was founded in 1551 by the archbishop of Toledo and Cardinal Juan Martínez Silíceo.

It was co-patronage of the archbishop and King Philip II, whose purpose was the education of young people as good mothers. They came from humble families and noble families from all over Europe. It is included in the list of Royal National Heritage Sites. It worked with the original statute until in 1990 the College became a University Residence.

Since 2016 it is open to tourist visits, thanks to an agreement between National Heritage and the Archbishopric of Toledo.

The entire building rests on a granite stone base that serves as the base for the brick canvases. The exterior spans have a symmetrical composition and are repeated with a certain distance and rhythm.

They are lintelled and are protected with bars. Among them stand out the multiple geometric combinations of the bricks, which become the basis of the decoration. Horizontal lines composed of decorated ceramic tiles are introduced.

In the place of the old main hall, at the moment is the church-chapel of the school. It consists of a nave covered with barrel vault with lunettes, cruise on scallops and flat head. It has a main altarpiece with canvas of the Virgen de los Remedios, holder of the College.

On the sides of the ship baroque altarpieces, with the Virgen del Pozo and San Jerónimo.

At the foot of the church there is the choir of chaplains and on the upper floor, guarded with grille, the choir of schoolgirls, with a vault of edges.

No doubt a place to visit in Toledo, a magical place!