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Not everything is perfect in the medina

As the Director of the Hotel Medina de Toledo, and if someone asked me what would be the final goal of our project for me, I would answer without hesitation ... - "A happy hotel for happy customers" -. I write this because it is worth remembering that the Hotel Medina de Toledo is not perfect at all and there are still many things to improve.

We have spoken in other articles and even the clients have opined in different media about our magnificent location; about the innumerable possibilities of parking in the area; of the quality of our WiFi signal; of the impeccable cleanliness of the rooms and common areas, or of the friendliness and predisposition of our staff.

I would say that these are our five most significant differentiating elements.

But not everything is perfect here. It should be noted that ours is a simple and small hotel that does not always meet the expectations of our visitors. It is convenient that our future visitors know in advance that our rooms and bathrooms are not particularly large (between 12m2 and 16m2).

It should also be noted that we do not have large common spaces and that our reception is small and simple. We must point out to our clients that our restaurant remains closed for an indefinite period, although it is also worth remembering that there are hundreds of places of all kinds in the vicinity.

It is also fair to note that we invest almost all our benefits in keeping the facilities updated and in perfect condition of revision.

In recent dates we changed all showers at the suggestion of our customers, who complained about lack of space. We are also immersed in a constant process of decorative renovation.

In short, I would say that ours is a suitable hotel for all those who seek a familiar and close treatment, a very good location and a medium level of comfort.

In the same way, I also consider that all those who seek luxury and great benefits should consider other offers (very numerous and varied) in our beautiful city before opting for the Medina.

A warm greeting from the whole team!