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Get ready to enjoy Toledo

Toledo is a place capable of moving the mind of the traveler to an earlier time, where the visitor is a mere spectator of the fusion of many cultures and the passage of time, there you can enjoy a city full of enigmatic corners.

This monumental city was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1986.


TOLEDO SPANISH CAPITAL OF GASTRONOMY 2016 Toledo was chosen as representative of national cuisine for this year 2016, a well deserved representative, noted for its haute cuisine of quality, where tradition and innovation merge, achieving exquisite dishes, perfect sample to enjoy through of the five sense.

THE CITY OF THE 3 CULTURES In this city lived Jews, Muslims and Christians.

A WALK THROUGH THE DISTRICT OF LA JUDERÍA Those who have walked through these streets never forget that magical feeling, so if you visit Toledo, you can not leave without visiting this magnificent neighborhood in the heart of the city.

ESSENTIAL MONUMENTS: THE SANTA MARÍA CATHEDRAL OF TOLEDO The Cathedral is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings in the city and must-see, whose construction dates back to 1227. The visit of its interior will take time, because the high value is impressive heritage that resides in it.

ESSENTIAL MONUMENTS: EL ALCÁZAR This building between fires, battles and different uses such as jail, was rebuilt several times, becoming now the Army Museum, as well as housing the Library of Castilla-La Mancha, second in order of importance after the National Library of Madrid.

ESSENTIAL MONUMENTS: SANTA CRUZ MUSEUM Museum of Santa Cruz, Renaissance work of the sixteenth century, whose role in the past was hospital. From the twentieth century it became a museum.

This museum houses great treasures of history presented in three sections: Archeology, Industrial Arts and Fine Arts, with great work by El Greco.

EL GRECO He arrived in Spain, Toledo being the chosen place to live and work until his last days. This is the reason why it is a great artistic icon of the city. El Museo del Greco, where a large part of his work is exhibited and also exhibits pieces by other artists.

In this museum we can see such important paintings of the painter as: "Tears of San Pedro", "View and Plano de Toledo", "Apostolate", among many others.

WALK THROUGH THE MIRADOR DEL VALLE To enjoy Toledo from another perspective, the best option is to walk through the course of the Tagus. A route may be to cross the bridge of Alcantara, of Roman origin, to reach the "valley round", which consists of an ecological path on the banks of the Tagus that surrounds the city of Toledo.

THE LIGHTS OF THE NIGHT TOLEDO This enigmatic place hides dozens of stories and legends among its corners, the truth of the facts is not known with certainty, but the special sensation that accompanies you as you walk through the alleys, makes you a witness of what a past happened in this place.

HINGE DOOR Undoubtedly the most representative monument of the city of Toledo and that separates us the historic center within the wall that surrounds the city, the most modern city and recent construction.

MONASTERY OF SAN JUAN DE LOS REYES The whole building is a clear exponent of what has come to be called Elizabethan Gothic; Spanish variation of late Gothic characterized by its rich decoration. The main facade is "decorated" by a series of chains that once led captive Christians before being freed by Fernando el Católico in the capture of Málaga and Baeza.

These are some reasons to visit Toledo, there are many places to visit in Toledo, but today we leave you these which are of fundamental importance when you come to visit Toledo.

Soon we will publish more incredible places of Toledo.

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