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Santa Maria la Blanca Synagogue

A place you should not miss in Toledo is the Sinagoda de Santa Maria la Blanca , a unique place, full of beauty and splendor Santa María la Blanca is a temple located in the city of Toledo.

Built in 1180 as a synagogue and, having functioned as such for 211 years, it was expropriated and transformed into a church as a consequence of the pogrom of 1391. At present the building belongs to the Catholic Church, but no cult is performed on it.

It is open to the public and functions as a museum or center in which both cultural and educational activities take place. It is a Mudejar construction, created by Moorish stonemasons.

Its architectural elements include white and smooth walls, made of brick, horseshoe arches and octagonal pillars, geometric decoration on the friezes and vegetal on the capitals of the pillars.

All these characteristics and the distribution of the spaces, with their naves formed by the succession of horseshoe arches supported by pillars, tend to remember the typical typology of a mosque.

In Santa María La Blanca stands out above all the incomparable beauty of its thirty-two pilasters, for its capitals with ornamentation of pineapple stems and volutes in rhomboidal composition, among which there is no one that is equal to the other.

The synagogue is located at the western end of the historic center of Toledo, in the neighborhood of the Jewish quarter and approximately halfway between the famous church of San Juan de los Reyes and the other great toledana synagogue, known as del Tránsito.

Declared a National Monument in 1930, it currently lacks any cult, is open to visitors and functions as a museum and the site of temporary exhibitions.

Photo: Josedomiz