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Day of the top of Toledo

The tapa, as it is understood today, was born in a modern era after the period of scarcity provoked during the Spanish Civil War, although it can be thought that it is an old custom in Spain to feed on small bites with which to eliminate hunger.

The lid is evolving from one form of appetizer more.

Going to tapas is one of the most deeply rooted Spanish traditions in terms of gastronomy. The tapas mix the concept of eating with that of socializing, that is why the tapa is linked to the act of 'tapas'.

The bars, understood as meeting places, are the ideal space for the 'tapa'. From this concept come the verbs: 'tapear' (eat tapas), 'go tapas' (go traveling through various bars). Even tourist companies offer on their routes the tasting of a drink with a cap included, as something typical of the place.

The variety of tapas is large and will depend to a large extent on the Spanish culinary region where the diner is.

There is no canon that mentions anything about the size of the lid, but in most cases it reaches a few bites. In addition to these regional characteristics there are other categories such as: tapas that are served cold, which are served hot.

In Toledo there are many places that you can enjoy some very delicious tapas, especially this November where will take place the 17th Conference of the Top of Toledo between November 10 to 27.

The proposed tapas will be made with products derived from hunting, olive oil DO Montes de Toledo and / or based on the cuisine of Don Quixote, there are many bars and restaurants in Toledo participants of the day. The maximum price of each cover is € 2.